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FI_coverDon’t fall into the lap of the enormous Russian. Do outlaw all thoughts of crazy-hot sex on living room floor with hockey player you’ve only just met.

When junior hockey star Mick “The Dragon” Volkov first shows up on her doorstep, Julia gives her ornery student a month before he bails on his French lessons. Yet by the end of that first day, she finds herself smitten with the playful flirt beneath that intimidating exterior.

Trying to keep her attraction to this bruiser in check becomes a futile exercise for Julia. Once Mick makes it clear he wants her in his bed, Julia decides to give in to temptation and discovers that “The Dragon” is just as explosive in bed as he is on the ice


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Coming July 30


Evie and Ryan are selective. Not just any man will do. After weeks of trying to make a connection online they finally extend an invitation that outs their sinful search to their widowed landlord, Seth. And then Seth reveals a secret of his own: he’s more than eager to become his young tenants’ playmate.

In spite of the explosive dynamic the threesome find in bed, Ryan’s insecurities bubble to the surface. He wanted a lover who wouldn’t hurt Evie, but as he watches his woman writhe with the ecstasy another man gives her, it becomes clear that Seth isn’t the one Evie needs to worry about leaving with a bruised heart. Sharing the control in bed was the easy part. Losing control of his emotions could destroy what he has with Evie.

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Loose Ends

There are a lot of things fantasy author Sophie Clairmont doesn’t like about her divorce attorney, Ben Croft. When they get stuck in an elevator together she’s surprised to discover that there are also a lot of things about Ben Croft she does like, and she’s about to find out there’s a lot more of Ben to warm up to.

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Authors include: Anna Sansom, Lucy Felthouse, Charlotte Howard, Rebecca Black, Kay Jaybee, Madeline Moore, Cara Sutra, Helen J Perry & Adria Kane, Tabitha Rayne, A.M. Hartnett, Oleander Plume, Kayla Lords, Vanessa de Sade, James Gent, Anna Sky, Lily Harlem, Victoria Blisse, Rhyll Biest, Neil Davis, Lexie Bay, Paris Orsini and Emily Dubberley.